You got it right. Chicken confit–not duck.

We were having our supper club over last week and I wanted to cook something a bit different. I thought of duck confit, which I adore, with it’s crispy skin and melting tender meat. But it’s hard to find duck leg quarters, and I was afraid some folks might not like duck anyway.

So, I came upon the idea of using the centuries old technique of confit with chicken.

 Why not, right?

It elevates the lowly leg quarters to a meal fit for, well, your best friends!

It’s a very simple recipe. Even though it takes a couple of days to make, only about an hour is active cook time.


4 chicken leg quarters
2-3 cups duck fat or mixture of vegetable and olive oil
6 T salt
1 shallot-minced
6 garlic cloves-smashed
6 sprigs fresh thyme
Coarsely ground black pepper

Chicken Confit has crisp skin and
luscious meatthat melts in your mouth.

In a small bowl, mix the scallions,
garlic, fresh thyme and black pepper.
Rub the scallot/garlic mix into the
chicken, being careful to rub it under the skin.
Fit the chicken in a single layer into a gallon-size zip-lock.
Refrigerate overnight.

The next morning, wash the leg
quarters in cool water to remove the salt mixture.
 Place the leg quarters into an oven-safe dish and pour duck fat or
a mixture of duck fat and olive oil over the legs to completely cover them.
Bake uncovered in a 225 degree oven for 3-4 hours until a toothpick easily
pierces the skin and meat.

Remove from the oven and pour the fat off. Save it to season other dishes.
Heat a heavy skillet until very hot. Sear the leg quarters, skin side down until crispy.



Meet our supper club. (We don’t always segregate the men.) Our guests were:
Jane and Al Fandrich,
Terri and Allen Sayre,
 Janis and Bob Ducote,
Desi and Pat Cross
 Joyce and Warren Haun.