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In the midst of the Christmas season. I’ve been running around trying to get everything done, checking off my to-do list. Whew! I’m tired.  This morning, I sat down at Starbucks, and as I sipped my cappuccino, I gazed at the steeple on the church across the...

Baked Turkey and Swiss Sandwich

A friend shared this recipe with me and raved about it, so I gave it a try. But, instead of giving me a regular recipe with ingredients and an instruction list, she said, "Do this, then add that, then do this, etc." I was a bit confused, so after I plowed my way...

THE EASIEST, BEST GNOCCHI EVER! Step-by-step Instructions

          I love gnocchi!The Italian Barrel, an authentic Italian restaurant on the corner of Chartres and Barracks in New Orleans, makes these little pillows of heaven with a parmesan Romano cream sauce. I've tried many...

Amy’s Chicken Piccata

We love Chicken Piccata, but the rich, buttery sauce that is normally served with it doesn't help when it comes to weight control. Amy Ramsey, at The Fit Soul has come up with a slimmed down version that's heavy on flavor. I will definitely make this dish again....


There is an amazing French restaurant, La Provence, on the North Shore of New Orleans surrounded by vegetable gardens, chickens and cattle. The restaurant is owned by the famous John Besh.It's Provencal chef, Chris Kerageorgiou, created this amazing recipe for Chicken...

Creamed Chicken in Puff Pastry Cups for a Perfect Tea Party

I had a few friends over recently. I had planned to serve chicken salad sandwiches. I got up that morning and glanced out the window. My Easter lilies were in full bloom. On a whim, I scrapped sandwhich plans and decided we were having a tea party!I headed...