My favorite foods of all times were fried oysters and crabmeat in any dish. One night, fifteen minutes after eating some fried oysters, my head began to throb–really bad.

For the first time, I had a terrible migraine. 

I didn’t put it together, until the next time I had a crabmeat dish, and the same thing happened. This time, I landed in the emergency room. From nowhere, I had a serious shellfish allergy.

Heather Christo, he author of ‘Pure Delicious’, had a similar thing experience with one of her children.

As a trained chef, she attacked the most common allergies straight on. She addresses the eight most common allergens, including shellfish, gluten and lactose and explains how they affect your body.

She doesn’t stop there though. She shares over 150 recipes that are completely allergen-free.  For anyone that struggles with allergens, ‘Pure Delicious’ is a must-have.